Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


Matt's surgery on Friday went ok, although the cut is 3 times bigger than anticipated as the operation involved more. He is now on a very slow road to recovery, learning to walk again (still with a walker).

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello, not sure if many of you are still checking this, but just so you know, Matt was called in for surgery tomorrow, Aug. 8. It is a day procedure, so we'll be home tomorrow night.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Matt is at home!

So, I've been thinking how to end this blog, but there's just more and more stories to tell...

After 3 weeks in hospital in Ukraine and 1 week in Germany, with a recommendation for surgery - here in Canada, one night stay in emergency is all that he got!!! Needless to say, I was NOT impressed!!! The doctors here said the MRI from Ukraine was not good enough, they did a cat scan (no idea of the spelling) and told Matt to try walking with a walker (even though he was told not to earlier, in case of further damage) and send him home...he is on a list for now we wait...

On the way to the hospital today, I had my own adventure. Some jerk on the cell phone almost caused an accident, and I ran into the curb, busting my tire. Now, earlier in the day I was sorting out my currency, but didn't finish. So when I left the house, I took my purse, but my wallet wasn't in it, luckily I had a cell phone and was able to call my parents for help.

So, Matt's at home, and everyone is welcome to stop by.

We're home!!!

Oh, home sweet home!!! You propably thinking - was it uneventful? - well of course not, that doesn't seem to be our style...but it wasn't bad. The flight was alright all the way home and Matt seemed to be doing ok (especially stretched right out in the 1st class from Munich to Toronto), until about the last 1/2 hour of the 2nd flight. The hospital in Germany gave us enough medication for another day, including a liquid pain killer...which got spilled in the nurse's now the nurse was worried about accidentally licking his fingers and feeling the effects himself...then the stuff turned into a funky white powder which also looked bad, and Matt wasn't able to continue his steady stream of pain control. Luckily, we also got morphine for the 2nd flight as with the smaller airplane he couldn't lie down, so we knew it would cause more pain and discomfort, so Matt had to take that to help him out.

Then once we arrived at the hospital here in Regina, it was crazy busy, took us 3 hrs to get a room in emergency and a nurse came to check him over shortly after...the doctor was coming later but by that time I was so tired I couldn't sit without falling asleep so his mom took over. And now I'm up again...crazy time change will take a bit to adjust again.

So, Matt's at the General, come and see him - I know he'd love to see some familiar faces!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's try this again...

Ok, so the nurse to accompany Matt is flying in as I'm typing this, which makes me very very happy...and we are scheduled to fly back all the way home on Friday...although I'm not going to believe that until my mom pinches me at the airport...I've been told that Greenland doesn't have a hospital, so if things go sour early in the flight I'm thinking London might be a possibility, or Halifax later on...sheesh...

Matt is feeling a lot better now too. The one positive side effect of all this - according to Matt - is the amount of weight that he lost - 35 lb to be exact!

Today I was even able to get away for afternoon to Munich (thx Daria!). It turned out to be a bit further than I thought, but worth the train ride. I didn't get to see much in the couple of hours that I was there, but it was sure beautiful...and on the ride back, I had a local complaining to me about the trains - haha - I guess I blend in everywhere I go!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're making progress...

So, today the doctor approved Matt to fly home either on Thursday or Friday. His opinion was that a medical escort was not necessary as Matt's pain is managed by pills now and I could look after that, but there's no frikin' way I'm flying without a nurse after all that has happened - so, I'm in the process of sorting that out, luckily sounds like the insurance company shares my opinion, so hopefully we'll be home before the weekend.